Posted by: Talie Morrison | July 26, 2008

Starting out in Antarctica

As I enter the Blog Generation, I am writing this from McMurdo Station, Antarctica!   I have been down here since August 2007.   I am now in my 12th month!   It has been very interesting to experience a Polar Winter.  I have lots of stories which I can post to this blog when I figure out how it all works!   But I am excited about trying a new type of communication!   




  1. Talie,

    Thank you for letting me know about your Blog. I will be able to live vicariously through your travels. That wayward daughter of mine is not good at keeping in touch.

    Take care.

  2. Tallie, Only you can write so well and live so fully that we are anxiously awaiting the next adventure. We are enjoying the site and will comment here and there.

    Good luck in Southeast Asia and we know the adventure will be to your liking. Much love, Linda and Detty

  3. Talie,

    So glad you are getting your core heated up and remembering why it was that you lived so many years in CB with its cold climate! I think I would collapse in the heat and humidity. Bob is off sailing the Bahamas with Rick Murray and loving it. He will have stories to tell, “IF” he comes back. I may have lost him to sun and surf… This blog business is a great way to share your adventures and we look forward to more. Love ya, Parry

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