Posted by: Talie Morrison | October 23, 2008

Meet Yanqui Girl

So the story is:    I was at work in the Laundry at McMurdo – and I hardly ever check the “iDrive – Temp” folder at work (not a work thing) – but for some reason the computer was acting up a bit and I wanted to see if it was on line – so I went into the “temp” folder.   Background on that:   there is an intranet system at McMurdo which all the computers are hooked to which is “company” stuff.   The “temp” folder is where people post their photos and info to share with each other.   It is called “temp” because it is wiped clean every Monday morning.   So there I was at work in the laundry – clicked on iDrive, and clicked on temp.    The computer went right into it so I knew it was connected – but a folder “jumped out at me” which said “Luke’s Stuff for Sale”.    Well I don’t have a clue who Luke is – but for some reason (Thank you, Source!) I clicked on it and up front and center was this flyer with a Toyota van on it!  Well – I was on the phone in 2 seconds flat – and left him a message (I WANT IT!!!!) – then I emailed him saying the same thing.   He called me back – and we made the “sale” over the phone!   I wasn’t even worried that I bought something “sight unseen” from a complete stranger!   Luke and his wife Lucy were on their way to McMurdo – they work in a field camp until December.    We didn’t know if we would cross paths in McMurdo or Chch – with all the plane cancellations things were pretty crazy!   But he did get to MacTown on Friday (I was leaving on Monday) – so we covered all the paperwork there.   And he told me where it was parked at the airport in Chch!    I got in late and didn’t want to deal with it at night – so I came back on Tuesday morning.   She needed a jump start (Luke had warned me she might), and I immediately bought a new battery for her – and everything else is perfect!

   Ok – so I always name my vehicles!   But it is because they are my good friends!   So her name is: Yanqui   The name Yanqui is perfect for a couple of reasons:  First – I’m a “Yank” down here and second her license tag starts with “YQ”.   So it sounded pretty perfect to me.   She comes with all the seats intact, but they fold down and lay flat and the big blue roll in the back is a mattress which lays over the seats.   I haven’t slept in her yet – as I have been housesitting for Myles and Margaret.   And actually I’ll be heading to SE Asia before I get a chance to spend the night in Yanqui.   My friend, Kim, is going to take care of Yanqui while I am gone so I am sure they will have fun adventures together.   

A couple of folks have asked where in SE Asia I am going.   While I was on the “ice” this winter (June, July August – remember we are in the Southern Hemisphere!), my kiwi friend, Dianne, asked me to go to Vietnam with her.   I thought that was a great idea:  something hot and sweltery after a cold winter in Antarctica!    But the way that McMurdo seems to “suck your brain dry”, I didn’t have the time or energy to plan a trip like that.   So I have put myself in Dianne’s capable hands and we are going to “make it up as we go”!  We will fly into Bangkok and check out Thailand, then Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.   I’m not sure how my body will react to all that heat; but I think I will enjoy finding out!  🙂  

In the meantime, I am totally enjoying my time in New Zealand.   I went on a 6 hour hike on Tuesday, and had a hard time believing that my “tramping muscles” were that out of shape.  It was a “Vitamin I” kind of night!    All those mornings in the gym just didn’t do it!   Well, I’m not going to be on any type of exercise routine in SE Asia – so it will just have to wait till I get back.



  1. Hi Yanqui! Great to meet you and boy are you going to have fun with Talie. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures of your adventures 🙂

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