Posted by: Talie Morrison | October 30, 2008

Lovely Springtime in Christchurch

Look I'm wearing shorts!

Look I

Monday, I had lunch with Brody and we walked through the botanical gardens in Christchurch.   The rhododendron and azalias were in full bloom.   And it was a Beautiful warm day!   What a treat!   We sat in the sun and enjoyed the sunshine, warmth and smells!  

Tomorrow, Friday, Dianne and I leave to go to Bangkok – I wonder what my body will be doing in the heat after all the cold of Antarctica.   Guess I will find out soon enough!



  1. hi talie!
    i love your blog. i am melanie’s sister and have loved hearing all about your adventures through her.
    you are so inspiring!
    i cannot wait to see bangkok. have a great travel day!

  2. Nice to see you in that wonderful spring.
    Isn’t it a different to Antarctica?
    Love and Greetings, Roland and Doris

  3. Hey Talie…
    so fun to read your “adventures”. Can’t wait to hear about VietNam. Love the van..suits you!
    Fall is here in Co. and snow has started in the Mts. Election mania continues but we are all hopeful or I’ll probably join you in Viet Nam!

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