Posted by: Talie Morrison | November 9, 2008

Memories of Thailand

As Dianne and I get ready to leave Thailand, after just arriving a week ago – here are some of our memories.   I think that the cities are remarkably clean (for cities that is!) and the infrastructure (roads, etc) is very developed.   We have riden in Tuk-tuks, vans, taxis, boats,  and trains (I wouldn’t dream of driving in the cities myself!).  

Tuk-Tuk travel!

Slept on the train (top bunks) 2nd class

Night train!


We have toured many Budist temples and ruins.

Temples at night

   We have been impressed with how the gentleness of their religion and culture seems to keep the traffic moving ridiculously smoothly.   Only a little toot, and everyone gives away. 

 We have seen beautiful countryside, walked in the jungle,

Jungle treking

riden on elephants,

Elephant Treking

floated on bamboo rafts

Bamboo Rafting

and eaten a lot of delicious Thai food.   The people have been friendly and helpful but there is a communication gap with the language for sure!   I think the written Thai words are beautiful, but very indecipherable. 

     The shopping experience has continued with night markets, gem factories, silk factories, cotton factories, and umbrella factories.    It has been very humbling to see so many things made by hand – with beautiful craftmanship. 

Making silk

Tonight we are sleeping beside the Mekong River and tomorrow we go into Laos and float the Mekong for 2 days on the “slow boat”!



  1. Looks like an amazing week! I love the pictures on the elephant and floating on the river 🙂


  2. hi talie!

    wow! your trip is so amazing and is the perfect way for me to start my day. you really inspire me!


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