Posted by: Talie Morrison | November 29, 2008

Fansipan Mountain


Fansipan is the tallest mountain in “Indochina”  – and definitely the tallest in Vietnam.   It is a good 2 day trek from a wonderful mountain town called Sapa.   We took the night train to Sapa, and Dianne toured the Black H’mong villages while I went treking.    I ended up with a group of 5 Austrians, 1 German, and me – along with our guide, Nam, and 3 porters (oh, I love those porters!).


The round trip distance is about 50 kilometers, and the mountain top is at 3,143 meters (just a little taller than the town of Crested Butte).   Sapa town is at 1,600 meters.    It was a good trek – lots of roots, rocks, slippery spots, creek crossings – all the usual!   And remember, I haven’t been “at altitude” since August 2007!   And, of course, I loved it!  





  1. Hey Talie,
    Your photos make me want to head back to Asia. It’ll be awhile since we’re heading to Patagonia in 10 days. It’s a looooooooong drive. We’ll stay for the winter and if we find just the right place check into residency. Parry said that SA is in your long-term short-term plans so if you want some info, send us a line.

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