Posted by: Talie Morrison | December 16, 2008

Visions of Vietnam

I started this entry on December 5th – and now it is the 16th!  Oh well — I have about 5 minutes to get it posted and then am on my way again..    But here are some of my earlier “visions of Vietnam”- stay tuned to an indepth version of our trip through the rest of Vietnam with a couple of Easy Riders!   On the back of two motor bikes!   But just wanted you to know I haven’t given up on this blogging system!    :  So my earlier visions of Vietnam:  


Ok – We’ve been in Vietnam for almost a month.   This is the biggest part of our SE Asia trip.   It has been a real eye opener for me – I knew it would be crowded but until you really experience it, it is inconceivable!   So Vietnam is approximately the size of New Zealand (it is long and skinny just like NZ) – and then I am always saying that New Zealand is “the square mileage of Colorado in the length of California”.   So that is the long way around to my saying that Vietnam is approximately the same square mileage as Colorado.   Now Colorado has approximately 4.5 million people in it (may have changed a little since I last looked)…  try to imagine Colorado with 85 million people – yes, eighty-five million!   Ok – so that gives you just a little insight!  

   That being said – I have been impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of most of the Vietnamese people.   They are very family orientated and I have hardly ever seen a crying baby or child.     Even from across the road, kids will yell out “hello” (their way of practicing their English!)   And lots of smiles from everyone.    A wonderful country of friendly people! 

      Of course about 50% of the people you come in contact with are trying to sell you something!   It is amazing – people wander around with baskets of “trinkets”, jewelry, sunglasses, postcards, paintings,  used books (!), food, clothing, … everything imaginable!   It is so hard to keep telling them “no” – and sometimes you have to be really forceful!   I have learned NOT to have eye contact – once you have eye contact, you are a goner!   They won’t let you alone then.   Of course, I would love to help them out – but I don’t have any room in my backpack to carry extra stuff if I did buy it!    So, even I am becoming rather hard shelled about it!   And if they aren’t selling you “stuff”, they are trying to get you to buy a rickshaw ride, or a motor bike ride.   They just don’t understand that some of us on this planet actually like to walk!  🙂    And, of course, with 85 million people, they are all just trying to “make a living”…

    So our trip over here – has been totally an unplanned adventure.   We just decide where to go the next day and how to get there and what we are doing each day.    I am sure we have missed some things, but we sure have seen lots!   We decided that the best way to see the countryside was “on the ground” – so all of our traveling in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam has been by either train or bus (except for one air flight from Vientiane Laos to Hanoi Vietnam).   We have definitely seen some fun sights and had a ton of fun!  But stay tuned for the next entry on our week with a couple of Easy Riders!  




  1. Hi Talie!
    Oh what an amazing adventure you are having. Thank you so much for sharing it!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. you might be on your way back to NZ now 🙂 looking forward to catching up soon – but just in case… Happy Holidays!


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