Posted by: Talie Morrison | December 31, 2008

Loving New Zealand

I did take 1 day off to “heal” my blisters, and I cleaned and organized Yanqui girl.  But the next days was such a beautiful day, I couldn’t just stay in town – so I decided to drive up the Milford Road.  It’s a lovely drive and right now the Lupine are incredible!


Lupine is not a native New Zealand plant – it is “invasive”.   Which is interesting because the Blue Lupine are native to Colorado and Texas and the Crested Butte Lupine are pretty  spectacular.    But even if it is invasive – wow they sure are beautiful at this time of year:


Those Lupine really are as tall as my shoulders!   


I had thought to hike up to either Key Summit or to Gertrude Pass, which are both off the Milford Road – I know I am supposed to be healing my blisters – but I can’t help myself!    However, I was enjoying the Lupine so much, I was running out of time!    I met another wonderful Kiwi at this beautiful field of Lupine and as we were talking he suggested that I hike up to Lake Marion which was only a 3 hour trip.   What a great suggestion!   So I drove over the top of the divide and turned down the Hollyford Road to get to the carpark for Lake Marion.   

        The Lake Marion route follows the Marion Creek up the valley for about 30 minutes – with great rapids and falls – beautiful!  

img_0932The sounds of the rapids were awesome!   

img_0958And in just a little over a hour – you break out below the peaks and at Lake Marion – a beautiful pristine alpine lake!   

img_0948I couldn’t believe it was such a short hike to get you to such a beautiful alpine lake!   You should have seen me trying to get this “timed” photo of me and the lake!  

img_0950Notice that my McMurdo “skua” fleece matches my “Dirty Girl Gaitors”!   Always thinking of color cordinating… 🙂  

So after heading down from Lake Marion, I drove to the end of the Hollyford Road – just for “old times sake” and to see Humbolt Falls – it’s another spectacular New Zealand waterfall:


Then I ended my day camping out at Lake Gunn (again off the Milford Road) with memories of when Dianne and I camped here a couple of years ago with reflections of a starry sky in the lake!   No stars this time as I woke up this morning to clouds and rain…



The ducks are still there though!   


So now I have another reason that I love TeAnau!   The Library has free wireless! Here I am, sitting in the library on December 31st, watching it rain outside (that’s not very unusual in this part of the world!) and putting photos into this blog!   Life is good!   A wonderful way to spend the last day 2008 as I think about my friends and family who may be reading this blog in the days to come!   Have a GREAT 2009!   (As Annie says:  “everything will be fine in 2009”)



  1. Happy New Year Talie!
    I have loved following your adventures in 2008 and cannot wait to share 2009 with you!


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