Posted by: Talie Morrison | January 16, 2009


Beautiful Tasmania!

I got over here on January 6th.    My new friends, Nijole and Robin (friends of Therese from Scott Base, Antarctica) met me at the airport.   They are from Canada but have rented a home for a couple of months down here – and a beautiful home it is!   Overlooking the bay!   On my early morning walk the next day – this was the sunrise!   A great way to start my Tassi Adventure!


 We drove up to Wineglass Bay for the day.   It was pretty crowded but it was a beautiful place and a beautiful day!

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay

 I could stay in their comfortable and beautiful home for my whole stay in Tasmania, but then I came to explore the back-country.   So after 2 nights with Robin and Nijole, I was off to explore.     After a couple of days of “car touring” and checking out the island, I headed into the Walls of Jerusalem State Park.   I got a late start from my car (3:30 pm) and a guy in the parking lot told me it was “really steep” going.   I kept waiting for it to get steep, but I guess that is a relative term, because it was a lot less steep than some of my other adventures!   But none the less it was beautiful.  About 3 1/2 hours into the hike, there is a camping area which has platforms for tents along with an outhouse.   That evening, I had a visit from the local Wallaby!   What a cutie!


The next day, I hiked up to the “Walls” and the to the top of Mt. Jerusalem.  The area known as the Walls of Jerusalem is a “bowl” which is surrounded by steep rock mountain faces.   There are 3 or 4 “gates” between the mountains – and everything is biblically named.   Before you get to the Walls, there are a bunch of small lakes and tarns which are called the “Jewels of Solomon”.  It was a georgious day and a beautiful place to be!  

On top of Mt. Jerusalem
On top of Mt. Jerusalem
      Moving on from there, I stopped at a Wildlife Refuge and checked out the locals!   They are rehabilitating animals which have been injured.   If possible the animals are returned to the wild unless they have an injury which would prevent them from surviving out there.   Those have become more like pets – it was a little “touristy” but then I guess I’m a tourist!   🙂  

Hello "Roo"  

Ok- so back to the wilderness.   I went into another Forest Park (the name of which I don’t have with me right now…).   I backpacked into a beautiful spot by a river and met 3 young Aussies who were also on an “adventure”.   The next day I left my tent and gear there and day hiked to a beautiful lake and hut in the high country.


That was all well and good until this crazy woman got lost on the way home.   I know, I totally have “egg on my face”.   I did all the wrong things – what WAS I thinking!   Anyway, I found out that one does NOT bushbash in Tasmania!   And I am sore enough to know that for certain!   And I am so ashamed to have to admit that I kept getting myself even more “stuck”.    Not only that but I ran out of daylight and had to hunker down in the bush  for the night.  I was NOT a very happy camper!   Luckily it wasn’t raining or cold (even though I was definitely not “warm”).    So I was off again at 6 am – trying to retrace my path.   (Ok – now do I really want to tell you this?   I guess I will have to…..)  When I got out of the forest, I found that I had gone in a circle and was back where I had started when I went into it!   (Classic lost person senario!  I guess I am on the other side of the fence!)   I was pretty upset – tired, cold (it was starting to rain now…), hungry –   all those things!    I knew I was not going to spend another night out there, and my legs were not going to stand for much more bushwacking – so with the weather closing in (Oh, how I hate to say this…) I finally pulled the plug and actually activated the EPLB (Emergency Personal LocatorBeacon).    I sat there for 2 hours with it beeping away feeling really ashamed of getting myself into this pickle!     Then, not knowing if the weather would prevent them from coming – I decided to “gingerly” work my way and see if I could find the trail.   Luckily, across the basin, I saw a couple of little hats bobbing along!   THE TRAIL!   Hooray!   …..   So now what do I do about the beacon?   I deactivated it – hoping that no one was already on the way to finding me, and that would be a signal to not come.   About another 2 hours later (I’ve got my backpack, gear, and am on my way out), here comes the helicopter….   Oh, wah!    I don’t have anyway to tell them that I am ok.   So I hiked the rest of the way out, thinking that I would contact the SARor Police when I got out to explain the situation (and figured I would have to get out my checkbook too!)  As I hiked out to the carpark – the helicopter landed right there in the carpark.   The NICEST Air Rescue gentleman walked up to me and said, “Are you Natalie Morrison?”  So we spent about 30 minutes sitting in the helicopter (turned off of course) and I told them my story and they asked me all the medical questions to be sure I was ok.   Oh, they were so AWESOME and I felt so appologetic about the whole situation.    Luckily, there is no charge for the Air Rescue service in Tasmania, but I have the information and plan on sending in a rather large donation to those guys!   And it is comforting to know that the EPRB system really does work.  


Ok, so now that I am out from that adventure, I have 2 days to put myself back together because on Sunday, I already have a booking to do another trip!   This is the Cradle Mountain Overland Track.   It is a 5 or 6 day treck and is probably the most famous one in Tasmania – and I’ve already paid the fee of $150, plus $144 that I paid for transport to get from one end to the other so my car would be at the end, plus another $40 for lodging along the way.   Do we think I am going to let a few scratches (FEW – what are you talking about???) stop me?   This is the least scratched part of my legs:


 So I am going in with a bottle of Betadine, ointments, creams and anything else I could get my hands on at the local pharmacy!   And then I went to the local second-hand store and bought a pair of long pants (I don’t think they would let me on the track if they saw my legs! 🙂   Wish me luck, and maybe by the time I get off Cradle Mountain, I’ll be all healed up again!  🙂



  1. hi talie!
    oh my goodness. i think i can see your skin between the scratches. ouchie!
    you are so amazing. i love how resourceful you always are. i also love that you off on another big adventure. you are my hero.

  2. I was hoping for a super adventure story for Tazmania! Thank you Talie 😉 I wish i had been there with you 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about this next trip. thinking of you!


  3. It looks like you saw some great parts of our beautiful island. Your ‘rescue’ certainly made news in the media here!

  4. Hi Talie,
    Interesting story and glad you got out in one piece. Must have been an “interesting” night in the bush for you! What gear did you have with you when you were “day hiking”? Can you remember the area where you were camped?

    Have enjoyed reading your Tasmanian adventures. Keep up the great blogging

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