Posted by: Talie Morrison | March 16, 2009

Hokitika Wild Food Festival

What a Hoot!   


(Warning this might not be appropriate for anyone who is a vegetarian or a bit squeamish about their food!)  

Ok – so  what is the Hokitika Wild Food Festival”?  Hokitika is a small beach town on the West Coast, New Zealand – South of Westport –  with a population of about 3500 (just a little bit bigger than Crested Butte).    20 years ago a couple of guys set up a couple of booths and cooked up some “interesting stuff from the bush” – and since then it has grown into quite a festival!   I had heard about it over the years, and have been to Hokitika, but I hadn’t been able to actually be here for the Festival.   So this year, I made sure I could work out the timing!   And, of course, after all this time, I HAD to eat the offerings:


Smoked Eel – That’s a pretty normal dish for down here!








That’s the Huhu bug I ate – it was a bit yucky – squishy and crunchy –  I think I will pass on that one next time!







Crickets on bread – I only really tasted the bread plus a little “crunch” – surely I’m getting lots of protein!







Had to have some Pig’s Brain – was just like “pate”  – yum!















And then Lamb’s Tails (from the “Offal Pit”)  – not much meat on a lamb’s tail. 









(Rocky) Mountain Oysters – not too bad once they are cooked – but I wouldn’t want to eat it raw!



The Wild Stag Heart was delicious – served with a bit of slaw.  I also ate some Punga (a fern tree) heart – pretty bland – even with a honey sauce.




The worm sushi was ok – They wouldn’t give me any soy sauce – they said it would spoil the taste of the worm!









The wallabie was really good – a little tough and chewy…


And the Whitebait sandwich was delicious!



Of course, since it is a “festival” there were lots of other activities going on.   There was a street fair with lots of arts and crafts and activities, lots of people dressed up in costumes – these guys are just as creative as Crested Butte and/or McMurdo costumes!  
































img_2928      Jugglers














Even an “old folks” band  – I was loving their music!







And their was an air show too!




I went to the beach that night – and there were bonfires on the beach as far as you could see in both directions!    But, around town, it had degenerated into a lot of young people who had definitely had too much to drink – So I was back in my van by 9:30 pm.    But I am SO glad I got a chance to be here for this weekend.   What fun!   



  1. hi tallie
    oh what fun!

    your adventures are amazing! thank you so much for sharing them!


  2. oh my gosh! Great pics Talie! definitely booth fare – couldn’t see you ordering pig brains off a menu! even at a wild food festival!

    Love you 🙂

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