Posted by: Talie Morrison | April 4, 2009

Somebody’s Treasure

The most amazing second hand store! 


Are you all getting tired of my stories of beautiful mountains, lush bush, awesome trails, adventures, etc….? NEVER?  Ok – well, here’s a new one!  

 Do you remember in February, when I stopped in Murcheson and had a lovely dinner and a bottle of “Seismic Stout”?   Well, I’ve found another reason to love Murcheson!img_3587-copy

We all know that another one of my weaknesses is second-hand stores!   As I drive through these small New Zealand towns, Yanqui knows when she sees a second hand store to “pull in”!   Now, I don’t have much space, living in Yanqui as I am – but I sure have a great time looking at all the “stuff”!    So – as Yanqui and I were driving through Murcheson,  and we saw “Somebody’s Treasure” we had to stop.   (Lou, Don and Be will remember this place – how could you forget it?)


Somebody’s Treasure doesn’t have any clothes for sale, but I think that it has everything else imaginable!  

Books, toys, dishes, knickknacks,




img_3567-copymore books, more knickknacks, kitchen utensils, tools, more books, more knickknacks,




img_3576-copya whole room of old bottles, it goes on and on.  Be sure, the next time you are in New Zealand – anywhere near Murcheson – you have to stop in this amazing store (be sure to allow lots of time! 🙂





















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