Posted by: Talie Morrison | April 7, 2009


During my stay here in New Zealand, Myles and Margaret Rea have been doing their best to instruct me on the finer aspects of New Zealand Culture – Cricket and Rugby!    I have yawned through enough Cricket games now to think I have a fairly good handle on what is happening J.   But now Rugby season has started.   This is a bit more intense as games go!   Myles has patiently answered my questions and helped me to “talk the talk” – it’s a “tri” not a “goal”, it’s a “scrum” not a huddle, you can kick the ball forward, but you can’t throw the ball forward, etc.   Oh, my questions go on forever!   But I finally “graduated” enough to venture out to a real Rugby match!   Bundling up in our “warmies” – it’s getting cold down here! – Off we went to watch the Crusaders – which is the local Canterbury team.   They were playing the Bulls from South Africa. 



The game can’t start till the Black Knight rides his horse around the stadium, and then out come about 7 Crusaders on their horses – and they do a couple of laps.   Beautiful!    It was a very exciting game  – the first half – Crusaders held onto their lead by just a few points.


Half time entertainment consisted of about 10 guys and 5 girls who lined up in the middle of the field, stripped down to their underwear, and raced to the goal line and back!  You gotta love these New Zealanders!  🙂  I was too amazed to even get photos of it!  🙂  

I had to have a Tui Beer in a plastic bottle!   img_3615


The second half of the game was even more exciting than the first half – the Bulls tied the score at 13 – 13.  






rugby2But luckily the Crusaders were able to kick a goal and then hold on to that small lead to win the game 16 to 13 –YEA!  

So now I have survived my first live Rugby Match – and I am looking forward to more!  🙂



  1. Great blog entries! so fun to find 3 here 🙂 We are getting a much needed spring storm today. we have gotten 3 or 4 feet of snow so far today. supposed to go through tomorrow. it won’t be too long now before i get to see you 🙂 Miss you lots Talie


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