Posted by: Talie Morrison | May 1, 2009

About to head home

Ok – I’ve been lax in blogging…. oh, well….

So after my Rugby “initiation” – I headed back up to Nelson.   Christine and I did a couple of day hikes, one on the last segment of the Able Tasman Coastal Walk.   The New Zealand beaches are so spectacular! 

5-abel-tasman   After visiting with friends in Blenheim, I headed back to Christchurch to spend Easter with Myles and Margaret.   I also did a slide presentation about Antarctica for Margaret’s Women’s Federation annual meeting.  

And Margaret took me to a Netball game!   So this is another Kiwi sport that I get to learn about.   It is somewhat similar to the Basketball we have in the States, but it is also very different!   It is a really quick and beautiful game.   I loved it!   


Myles, Margaret, Gus and I also hiked up the Rakaia Gorge – beautiful glacial river! 












So now, even with the days getting shorter and the weather cooler, I just had to get out for one more short tramp.   I went to Mt. Somers and did a three day/two night trip on the Mt. Somers walkway.  


22-mt-somers-1a1       22-mt-somers-1bMy first day I hiked up to the Pinnacle Hut and shared the hut with 2 rock climbers and 2 families complete with kids!    It was great.   I love seeing families out backpacking!  I got a chance to resurface some “grandma” energy!  🙂  

21-mt-somers-2      22-mt-somers-5I was blessed with a couple of great clear “indian summer” days!   There were some great waterfalls and a day on the “tops” with great views.

From Mt. Somers, I headed over to the Peel Forest to do a couple of day hikes.  24-peel-forest-7There are some pretty impressive old trees in the Peel Forest!  


Now that my time in New Zealand is getting closer to being over, I have arranged to put Yanqui in storage till I come back.  Myles has found me a place to store her that is under a shed so she will be out of the weather.   But the owner of the storage shed, Bill, suggested that I get a cover for her since it will be pretty dusty.   I looked in the auto stores and the discount stores for a cover that wasn’t too terribly expensive but I couldn’t find one.   So … (you know me!) … off to the second hand store where I bought 3 sheets.  I basted those together which covered part of Yanqui – but I needed more material.   So back to the second hand store – they didn’t have any sheets this time, but for $5 NZ, they sold me a whole bolt of material!  I now had plenty of material – but, oh my gosh…. this is “big time” from the ’70s!   So now Yanqui has a total hippy dress to wear till I get back!  TOO FUNNY!!!


So today (May 1), I started my journey home.   Myles took me to the train station at 6:30 this morning, and I took the train to Picton.   What a beautiful trip that was!   And then the ferry to Wellington and the North Island.   I’ll be in Wellington for a week, then Auckland for a week, and then I head to California on May 15th.



  1. oh my goodness talie!

    i LOVE the cover! you are amazing!

    i cannot wait to see you when you come to CO! safe travels!


  2. Dear Talie,

    what a lovely “dressing”! I wish you a good travel. See you in CB. :o)



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