Posted by: Talie Morrison | November 17, 2009


I have wanted to come to Peru, Chile & Argentina for many years!   And it is finally happening!

I’m currently in Cusco PERU!

I spent two lovely weeks in California with Steve and Craig and their families.   Then I flew out of LAX yesterday (11/15) into Lima, Peru.   We didn´t get in till 12:30 am!   Good thing I had a driver waiting for me to take me to a hotel.    I made an excellent choice with the Hostel Iquique.   It was lovely with a private room, including bathroom, and including breakfast for US $16!

This morning I had a taxi take me back to the airport and I flew to Cusco.    I have been “attached to” by a lovely lady who wants to book all my rooms and tours and transportation for the next 9 days.   She put together a lovely package – but I have taken some time to think about it and I think this is all stuff I can put together on my own… Go big, Talie!

So now I am at the South American Explorers Club – highly recommended by Bruce and Laurie Lakin – and they are right on!   I have talked to Miguel and have tentatively booked a 3 day trek from Lares to Ollantautambo (via Huacahuusi and Patucancha over a 4350 meter pass!)  Then I’ll book into Machu Pichu from Ollantautambo.

So I haven´t downloaded any photos yet – but the next blog should have some on it!

YIPPEE – it’s happening!



  1. How fun, Talie! You are my favorite vicarious experience. Can’t wait for the photos and ongoing stories.

  2. Talie, So glad you made it and things are going well. Nice to read your blog.
    All is well here. Parry gets back from Atlanta tonight (Richard Bartlet workshop). She should have some stories. We had about 2 ft of snow. Now it is cold at night with sunny days. I am going to work for mountain safety this winter for CBMR. The Snodgrass ski lift project was turned down by the forest service. Now there are many people upset. We will see what happens.
    Take care always, Enjoy each day, Love ya, Bob

  3. hi talie!
    oh how exciting! i cannot wait to follow all of you adventures!

    all of my love!


  4. Talie, it’s so wonderful to read about your continuing adventures. Only sorry that when you were in Seattle on your way to Skagway that you didn’t stop in to see us in Vancouver! This year we have a house for two months in upcountry Maui (just arrived here on Monday) – we’re at 4,000 feet with spectacular views of the coastline and the towns of Kihei and Wailea. We’d love for you to visit but of course you’re in SA for the entire winter….I know because I helped Therese book her flight to meet up with you. I know this is long and “open” for a blog comment, but I don’t seem to have your e-mail address, but I thought you might enjoy this excerpt from a book a friend Paul Myers has written about his experiences on the Camino – well you certainly probably more than anyone identify with his meditations on “baggage”. Enjoy – both your trip and the excerpt.

    “It was on the third day, near Saugues, that my re-education began. My heels were chafing, and I heard Camino quietly whisper, Pilgrim, everything weighs something. But I was in no mood for advice. I looked skyward and said tersely, Mother, Father, Camino, that is very banal. On the fourth day, when I stopped to rest, I opened my pack. Camino says everything weighs something. I dressed my new blisters. On the fifth day my blisters erupted, and I looked inside my pack again. I looked on the sixth day too, when my wounds began to morph into a sickening mash. Spurred by my Job-like affliction, I looked more intently every day, thinking that perhaps if I could be rid of something that did not belong then I would also be rid of the blisters. It was on the tenth day, as I stared into the shadowy recess of my pack, that I saw something staring back at me. It had unblink¬ing eyes, cold like death. I recoiled. It was a small length of string. Cast iron string. And then, incredibly, I saw something else. I saw a needless scrap of paper. Cast iron paper. In the days and weeks that followed other cold eyes shone, too. A minuscule tin of lip balm. An aluminum clip. A spare Bic pen. Wretched cast iron, demons all. With the determination of a priest, I exorcised them one by one.”

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