Posted by: Talie Morrison | January 5, 2010


 Decembr 26th, I took the night bus to Santiago, leaving Puerto Varas at 8:30 pm.   

Susi and Basti in their Cama seats!

  I spent a little extra to go with a “cama” bus – sort of like getting a first class seat on an airplane.  It was just a little wider, softer, and reclined enough to get a “decent” night’s sleep (sort of…).   And if I subtracted the cost of a night’s lodging, it wasn’t too much more.    So Saturday night on the Cama bus with Susi and Basti (my new German friends I met in Cochomo).  Sunday we spent together in Santiago till Susi and Basti left to go to Australia that evening.   And Monday morning at 8:30 am, I was at the US Embassy picking up my new passport!   Whew!   Now I can breath a little easier!

After getting the new passport, I booked another Cama bus to get back to Puerto Montt.   Then I booked a bunk on the Navimag Ferry which goes from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales.   It only sails from Puerto Montt on Fridays – so that gave me a couple of days to go out to an island called Chiloe and check it out.

Fucias and Flowers in Chiloe National Parque


Park in Castro (town on Chiloe Island)


So New Year’s Eve I was in Puerto Montt – which totally closes up for the evening at about 8 pm (I was lucky to get into a restaurant for dinner – but they turned everyone after me away…).     New Year’s Day, I checked in for the ferry at about 10 am but had till 2:30 to get on the boat – and if you thought Puerto Montt was closed on New Year’s Eve, you should have seen it on New Year’s Day!   Very quiet!  

Navimag before we sailed...

The ship was great –  it is always interesting to watch them load 18 wheelers, boats, car carriers, everything imaginable onto the ship! 

I had a great bunk, even though there were 4 bunks with not much extra space around them.   Full bathroom down the hall, with hot showers even!   We ate in a dining hall, and they had a pub upstairs with more comfortable couches along with alcoholic beverages, of course.   There was one day when we spent about 12 hours out in the open ocean (Pacific) and it was a little rough.   I imagine that the skipper would have said that it was as smooth as it gets, but it was rock and roll.  I took a motion sickness pill before we hit the open water and didn’t have any problems (even ate a full supper!).    But some of the passengers were a little “green” 🙂  

     The third day on the ship, which turned out to be much better weather, they took us right up to the Pio XI Glacier.   

Pio XI Glacier - Beautiful!

  It is the largest glacier in South America and it was beautiful!    We spent a about 30 minutes hanging out with the little iceburgs, but it didn’t “calf” for us while we were there.   Oh, well….

The photo really doesn’t show how really big it was!   But it WAS!  🙂

The last morning, before we got into Puerto Natales, there was a section which is only 80 meters wide which the boat had to navigate.   Only one boat at a time can go through this passage and it has to be during the day time.   (“One boat at a time” – what??   We never saw another boat the whole trip – so I don’t think that is too big a problem!  🙂 )  Anyway, it was pretty narrow for such a big ship, and you could see the current going through – felt a bit like rafting in a huge boat!  🙂   I was impressed!  

So now I’m in Puerto Natales – tomorrow morning, I am heading into the Torres del Paine park to do an 8 day backpacking trip.   It looks like there are some refugios where I can buy food, so hopefully I won’t have to carry 8 days of food with me!   Guess that will be my next entry.    I’m Loving Life!!!

Puerto Eden - Ferry's only stop on the way South.

Dining Room on board Navimag

The control room - hey, why's no one driving this thing???

Remember Mr. Tengu - that's him on my shoulder!

It's a big ship to go through that tight narrows!

Puerto Natales!


HAPPY 2010!!!!



  1. So glad you are loving life! You are an inspiration dear Talie! I send you lots of love and good wishes – and indeed – will say hello to SEA for you!

  2. happy new year talie!
    i LOVE following your adventure!

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