Posted by: Talie Morrison | January 20, 2010

Punto Arenas and Ushuaia

From Puerto Natales, Aaron Jess and I took the bus to Punto Arenas .   We were really lucky to have two clear days in Punto Arenas (which the book says is “stingy on sunshine”!).   While we were in Puerto Natales, I noticed on one of my beer bottles (who me ? with a beer??  🙂 ) that Astral Beer has a brewery in Punto Arenas –  

Beer Tasting with Aaron and Jess

   So Aaron, Jess and I wandered around town till we found the “Cerveceria” and signed up for the tour.   Great fun to be in the “southernmost brewery” – and of course at the end of the tour we got to sample all 5 beers that Astral makes!   Yum!  🙂 

The following day, after checking out the duty free shopping area (what am I doing here??), I signed up to go on a tour of Isla Magdelina to see the penguin colony.   There were only about 60,000 Magellenic Penguins there – and I think the count might have been right!   It was also fun to be on a boat in the Magellene Straits getting there.  

From Punto Arenas, I took a bus to Ushuaia – one of my goals for this trip!    Ushuaia is the southern most city in South America – Even though Punto Arenas is the southern most city on the mainland – Ushuaia is on the island of Terra del Fuego.   The bus ride was 11 hours – along with a ferry crossing and bus change… finally getting in about 9 pm.   It was interesting to be going across the “pampas” which has nothing in it – just miles of grass lands with a few sheep and an occasional ranch house.   Then as you near Ushuaia, you start getting into snow capped mountains – and I felt like I was right at home again!   It’s beautiful down here!  Now I am heading out on a 3 day solo backpacking trip … my first solo in South America … see what happens…

Here are som of the flora and fauna I’ve been seeing….

So Many Penguins!  

Parent and Baby

Squalking! It was loud!

   Black and white dolpins!   Beautiful!

Cormorant Colony!


Ushuaia is full of flowers!!!!

    Ushuaia is full of flowers!!!!!



  1. And all this happens tomorrow!!! Cool. You should play the stock market. Glad you are having fun! We are settling in here in Panama. Syd has started school and says that school back in the states was all play, and here she has to work. Yippee.

  2. hey tallie, it seems you are having a great start in 2010! we can see u only at nice spots on the pictures. so cool. we are right now in st.arnaud, sadly it rains the whole night and morning and we probably cant do some hiking-have to dry all our stuff in the car, which is also our kitchen, sleeping- and living room:-) maybe like your truck, but a little bit smaller. its called Roadkill-and yours? 🙂
    take care, greets from kiwi land, susi and basti..

  3. ohhhh!
    look at all the penguins!
    i cannot wait to hear about your solo trip next!

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