Posted by: Talie Morrison | March 14, 2010


With only about a week left on my trip, I decided to go up to see Iguazu Falls.   Iguazu is way up in the Northeast corner of Argentina, so it makes it a little hard to get to, but what the heck, eh?   So from Esquel, where I just got back from Los Alerces Parque, I took a bus to Trelew (9 hours).    Somehow that bus transported me right into the middle of Utah??  Is this possible?   Sure looks like the desert Southwest USA!

Sure looks like Utah!Amazing!

Then from Trelew, I took a 2 hour plane ride to Buenos Aires (arriving at midnight – not a good time to arrive in the Big City!).   The next day, I took another bus (this time 18 hours) – I said it wasn’t easy to get to!!!  – but finally arrived in Puerto Iguazu.    The next day I spent the whole day on the Argentina side of the falls, and then the next day on the Brazil side of the falls (unfortunately, they didn’t stamp my passport for Brazil… oh, well).  Iguazu is totally amazing – the photos don’t do it justice, but it is equally hard to describe it!   One of those places you just HAVE to go see yourself!    But here are some of my photos: 
Truely an amazing place!   I also went for a 2 hour jungle tour – since Iguazu is in the midst of lots of jungle, but nothing compared with the waterfalls.   I even did the tourist thing, and paid for the boat ride which goes under some of the falls, totally drenching everyone!   It was so hot and humid, that the water felt great!  
Now I am back in Buenos Aires – I have 4 days left on my 4 month tour.   Needless to say I have mixed feelings —  I want to keep exploring down here and I love South America, but I am also anxious to see family and friends (and speak English – and stop having to check my passport and wallet every few minutes!…)  It has been a great adventure, and I have had a wonderful time!   I recommend it to anyone with the spirit of travel!  

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