Posted by: Talie Morrison | June 8, 2010

Two Months Back Home

Gates and Steve in San Diego

This is going to be a “photo essay” of my two months back in the States.  ( Yes, that means that I am getting ready for my next big adventure! )

Gates and Maggie in GrayJay

Arizona Flowers in the Desert

Salt River Canyon in Arizona

Coming Over Red Mountain Pass - Yea it's Colorado!

Big Horn Sheep on the road!

GrayJay is happy to be back in Colorado Snow Country!!

Coming up the Crested Butte Valley!

Getting out to do some cross country skiing with friends!

It's SO Beautiful!

Crested Butte Mountain

Craig in the air!

Dakota in the air!

I'm definitely the shortest one in this family!

A week down to see my brother, Langdon, in the Florida Keys!

Langdon feeding the local wildlife...

Brother and Sister

This is what greeted me my first day back from Florida. Gotta love Colorado in May!

A little bit of biking in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Glacier Lilies are blooming in Crested Butte by mid-May!

Back through Utah to get to California

I got back to the US on March 15, stayed a couple of days in California with Craig and Steve, and then drove back to Crested Butte.   The desert was really green from the winter rains and lots of flowers were blooming!

Back in Crested Butte, I got a couple of weeks in skiing while the resort was still open and some cross country skiing when it was closed.   A couple of bike trips (down where the weather was a bit warmer!).  May was a pretty cold and snowy month in Crested Butte this year!

Then by the end of May,I was back in California visiting both my boys and their families!   Time is “short” and I leave tomorrow night to fly back to New Zealand for nine months!   I’ll have lots of entries letting you know what winter in Christchurch is like!

San Diego on Steve's Birthday

With Craig on Dakota and my birthday!



  1. How did Steve get SOOOOOO tall. Your family is very handsome. Can’t wait for the New Zealand postings to start again.


  2. Wonderful to see pictures of all the people and places I got to know about through our conversations in Patagonia Talie….. Craig, Steve, Dakota, Langdon(!), and Crested Butte.

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