Posted by: Talie Morrison | September 3, 2010

A Month of Life and Death

That was a LONG time ago - and, yes, I am in a dress!

I don’t at all want to make light of “life and death” because a week ago my brother, Langdon, passed away – and that makes me sad.   Langdon and I were the last of our family since Mom, Dad and Craig have been gone for awhile.  Now it is just me.   I’ll miss Langdon and I hope that he is up there somewhere having a party with the rest of the family.   So I am sending blessings to all four of them!

Nicole, Langdon’s daughter, told me that Langdon had been turned over to Hospice, and I decided to fly up to see him.   It was a 2 day flight from New Zealand to Orlando, Florida, but I was able to be there for Langdon’s last 24 hours.   It was hard both physically, mentally, and financially, but I am SO glad I was there.   And then I flew back to New Zealand.

The rest of the life and death of this month has been the process of sheep farming and lambing.


Lots of new life in the beautiful young lambs and the joy they bring to life.   And at the same time we had one more dead ewe and 5 dead lambs.   But we are doing pretty good with 32 ewes giving birth and we have 49 live lambs.   We have one set of triplets and lots of twins.   They sure are cute little critters.

We have two “pet” lambs that we are bottle feeding.   One of them was born to a ewe who couldn’t get up after the birth.   Thus the little lamb wandered off and the ewe never got a chance to “mother up” with it.   So when we finally got her up, she didn’t accept the little one.   Then the second one’s mother died a couple of days after giving birth.   We also were hand feeding a third little guy who’s mother had twins, but she only accepted one of them.   Unfortunately that little lamb didn’t make it.   The bottle fed lambs just aren’t growing as fast as their counterparts who can get milk from their mothers whenever they want, but they are growing.   They really slurp that milk down!  And I really enjoy feeding them.

It is definitely Springtime down here.   Days are getting longer,  the daffodils are blooming and the trees are starting to bud.   In a couple of weeks there will be flowers coming up everywhere.    The New Zealanders are very proud of their gardens, and I have been out helping Margaret get her garden cleaned up and ready for summer.   It is always wonderful to see the end of winter as the new life comes back again – and everything is SO green!   Monday (the 6th) is Labor Day back home, but Sunday (the 5th) down here is Father’s Day.

Spring Daffodils!

Trees are budding and blooming!

They are getting big!

This winter down here, I have been totally involved in watching New Zealand sports teams.    It is unusual for me to be watching so much TV, but I have been “hooked”.    In June, the World Cup of Football (Soccar) was held in South Africa.   Since the New Zealand team was involved in the games, there was lots of coverage over here.   The New Zealand team – The All Whites – were undefeated in their two games – but they didn’t get into the finals – because both games ended in a tie.   Then Rugby season started – there are lots of regional games and then the international games with the All Blacks.   Also we are almost finished with the Netball Season.   Netball is a national game played by women.   It is great to see the support the New Zealanders have for their women’s teams and their men’s teams.   I love the names their teams have:

Rugby:    All Blacks

Soccar:   All Whites

Netball: Silver Ferns

Hockey:  Black Sticks

Basketball:  Tall Blacks

Cricket:  Black Caps

Softball:  Black Soxs

Women’s Rugby League:  Black Ferns

Wheel Chair Rugby:  Wheel Blacks

Women’s Cricket: White Ferns

Ice Hockey: Ice Blacks

Women’s Basketball: Tall Ferns

Women’s Softball: White Soxs

Rugby League:  Kiwis

(What’s up with Rugby League – it isn’t a “white” or “black” or “fern”?? )

So with all these sports teams, you can guess there are always some sort of sports going on!   I have learned a LOT about Rugby, Rugby League, Soccar, and Netball.   It’s been great.

In a couple of weeks, Dianne and I will be heading over to Darwin, Australia.   It should be really hot over there this time of year, so it will be the real start of my summer down here.   When we get back, mid October, I’ll be ready to get out on the trails here in New Zealand!

Spring - everywhere!

Look at this - a bit of "Santa Fe" all the way down here in Lincoln, NZ!



  1. Talie-
    Travis and I will be on the north island oct 15 -25 for the mtn bike single speed world chmp’s. If you’re close it would be fun to hook up! Thinking of you!! XO. Lisa

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