Posted by: Talie Morrison | January 10, 2011

Summer in New Zealand

Key Summit overlooking Lake Marion

It is so interesting to spend Christmas and New Years in the Southern Hemisphere – and this is the 4th one in a row I have been below the Equator:  Antarctica, New Zealand, Chile, and New Zealand again.   It is a totally different feeling (for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere) to have the holidays be the beginning of summer!   All the Christmas songs still talk about having a “White Christmas” and “Frosty the Snowman”, but the celebration becomes a picnic outside or a trip to the beach!   I love it!  And the school holidays for the kids start with Christmas and go through all of January with schools going back sometime in February.

So I have been in and out of the bush – seen some beautiful places, stayed in some wonderful huts, and am totally enjoying New Zealand!   To me, the hut system down here is better than anyplace I have ever been.   I just love it.   Since I have already been on most of the most popular trails, I keep going out to find the “less traveled routes”!    Even during the biggest week of the year (between Christmas and New Year’s) I was in 2 huts all by myself!    And the 3rd night, I was joined by another solo girl hiker.   We had a great time swapping stories about “going solo”.

So I have been back in Christchurch for a couple of days: got my boots repaired, got Yanqui’s oil changed, and rested up from a head cold.   Now I’m ready to be back on the trail as I go into my last month down here.

45th Parallel South!

Track around Lake Hauroko - see sometimes the tracks aren't muddy!

Another night sleeping in a rock bivi

It may be rainy, but it sure is GREEN!

It's just SO beautiful!

The Fern Burn Hut - on the Motatapu Track

Christmas dinner in the garden!

Another high point!

Up the Matukituki River

The Rob Roy Glacier

Thunder Falls!

Sunset on Mt. Cook from Gillespie Beach

The rest of the Sunset



  1. Thanks for the new post. That summer weather looks pretty nice. Last evening I shoveled another foot of snow. We now have almost 200″ of snow and it’s only January! The skiing and riding is excellent and today is a bluebird one. When you are in C.B., I hope that you will do a “show” of all of these great photos. See you soon. Roxie

  2. Love the pics Talie! Makes me excited for summer weather and hiking with you soon!!!!

  3. Great story of summer in NZ. Pic’s as always are beautiful. Matukituki brings a tear to my eye as Jon loved the hunt he did in that Valley. and Gillespies Beach at sunset brings back memories of us having tea with the sandflies.

  4. absolutely breathtaking talie!

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