Posted by: Talie Morrison | August 12, 2012

Pyrenees:4 Talie:1

Mostly blue bird days

Yikes – I´m here and I´m hiking – but I had no idea I was THAT slow!   …. I couldn´t quite understand it, till I looked at my GPS and found out that the book would have me do 20 miles a day!   Oh, I don´t think so!   So we have now passed Plans A, B, C and D – I think I might be on “Plan J”?  

   Anyway, I´m having a great adventure and these mountains are beautiful!   I have not yet met another American over here (I thnk I may be in an area not yet “discovered”! )  I have not yet met anyone who is doing the Haute Route  – or even anyone who is backpacking more than a couple of days.   I have met some wonderful people  – a family who took me in on a rainy night and fed me!  Some wonderful people who have picked me up hitch-hiking, and delivered me to “towns”  (it took me two rides of at least 1/2 hours each just to get to a town where I could buy some batteries!)   I haven´t yet hit a town that has an ATM.   But I´m in a hotel right now and they say I can get some cash off my visa.   When I am on the trail, the refuges (huts) only take Euros!   So, it has taken me a little bit to get the “lay of the land”, and I´m pressing on from here .  Now if I can figure out how to upload a couple of photos I will….   And I only get 20 minutes for eachg Euro I put into this computer!  🙂 And it keeps “crashing” on me…. ah, well….

Not a very good photo of me – but ´´m at the top of Col de Pau

Amazing Alpine Glow from Refuge d’Arlet

Refuge d’Arlet – it was really crowded – I camped outside but had the most amazing dinner with about 75 other hikers!

Sometimes you have to step off the trail and let the locals use it!


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