Posted by: Talie Morrison | August 19, 2012

Yea Pyrenees!

Hi Everyone!

I’m trying to do the typing for this post from my iPhone because the European keyboards are so different from ours!

After 15 straight days of hiking, I am taking a real day off!  It feels GREAT!  I am also going through my pack and sending home anything absolutely not necessary – it is just too heavy!!  Tomorrow I start off with another 1000 meter climb!  I am even sending home my stove (pot and pan) –  I will just eat cold things (bread and water?)

So now I have just spent about an hour trying to get photos in this, but it may not happen!

I have usually been camping by the refuges – where I can order dinner and breakfast.   Great food for dinner (soup, pasta/rice and a meat sauce or stew, cheese and bread, and some sort of desert).   Some nights I have wild camped and one night I stayed in the refuge because it was raining!   Only two nights of rain for this whole time so far.  Right now all of Europe is in a heat wave — and it was really hot yesterday!!

I am seeing some amazing mountains, lakes, streams, etc!  But I still haven’t seen another American!    I have met wonderful people who have “taken me under their wings”!  And now I have friends all over Europe!  🙂   Lots of people to come back and visit!!

Now if I can just upload photos…..






Pack horse maybe?



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