Posted by: Talie Morrison | September 23, 2012

Almost there!

I am almost there!!   It looks like I have 5 or 6 more nights before I reach the Mediterranean!!  I can hardly believe it!   What will I ever do with myself when I don’t have to get on the trail at 8 and walk till 4 (or so)!   A day or two at the beach will probably help me figure that out!  And it sure will be nice!!  And my pack will be lighter without all the food and water I’m carrying. 
   So far this last section has been great!  I’ve met more wonderful people along the way (German, French, and Spanish) and I think I now have at least 7 people to visit in Barcelona before I leave!
   I did the last “peak climb” for the route – but I was seriously above my comfort zone!!!  The last part of the climb was 100 meters up a “chimney” which was hands and feet climbing!  Yikes!   But I pressed on and tried not to look down!  (And remember I’m carrying a full backpack!) It felt really good to come out on the top.  The peak was Canigou, which is a pretty popular climb (from the other side!), so I definately wasn’t alone on top – there were about 30 others up there – even a Frenchman with his toddler (amazing)!
   Now I’m on the edge of the mountains – today’s (9/21) hike was beautiful as I contoured around the ridges.  Very different terrain than what I had been doing.  These mountains never cease to amaze me!  I’m having an awesome time!!  I am now in more trees and woods! Beautiful! Tomorrow I have my last big climb (1400) meters and then it will (hopefully) be mostly down hill to the coast!


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