Posted by: Talie Morrison | September 23, 2012

Onward (written September 13)

Onward — (September 13th)The Final Section I wrote this post on the 13th, but when I went to publish it, it disappeared!  So, here it is now, and I’ll do another one to catch up!
I’m still on the trail.   Getting ready to start the final stage of my trek.   My goal was to finish before the end of September and it’s beginning to look like I’ll succeed!
     Yesterday  I got to a little village of ‘” Ospital’ de Pres Andorra”.  As usual it is much smaller than I expected.  I need to get a few supplies (like repair gu for my sleeping pad and a better map for this final section),  so I took for a bus/train combo to Foix.  I was planning on two nights off, so I’ll spent last night there, shopped,  will spend tonight night back  in ‘Ospitalet.  Looks like it is another good time to take a day off because it is raining again. 
   I have completed the section that had me walk across the top of the small country of Andorra.  I loved it!  The day I hiked over the pass into Andorra,  there was an adventure race going on.   The parts of it that I shared with them were the mountain biking section and trail running section.  It was definitely live entertainment!   And such fun seeing those young prime specimens come running by!  The photographer even took my photo on the top of the pass with a couple of cute guys.  Now I just have to check out the web site to see If I made it on.  (
  Another beautiful thing happening has been the raspberries and blue berries along the trail.   They are delicious!  And so plentiful! Looks like I hit the peak time of harvest!   I’ve been eating them by the handful – and since the trails are so steep I don’t even need to bend down, they are at hand level!  They might even be the BEST I have ever eaten!  
   So this last section that I completed was 6 nights of wild camping.  My pack was a bit heavy with 7 days of food in it!  But at one of the Andorran ski areas, there was a restaurant open and I had the most delicious lunch (chicken, hamburger, fries, salad, ice cream!). Yum!  Looks like the weather pattern has fallen into late afternoon thundershowers.  It has had my diving into my tent a bit early some days, but I don’t particularly want to be on one of these steep passes in the lightening!
   So I think this final section will be a bit more populated, and I’m making some adjustments from what the “book” suggests .  I’ll probably hike the rest of the way on the GR 10 and  GR 11.  Those are two well marked trails, and since I didn’t purchase the maps for my GPS for this section, it will be just a little easier following these two trails (I won’t be far off anyway because much of the route described in the book goes on the 10  and 11).  It may be more crowded, but it will be a whole lot easier to follow!! The book shows 10 days for this section (which will probably be more like 15 for me!).  But I’m getting there – as my Spanish friends say  “muy tranquilio”!!
   Again I  apologize for no photos but I still am having a hard time finding a computer where I can down load my photos off my camera (but you can all be guaranteed that I have LOTS of photos!!) 


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