Posted by: Talie Morrison | September 28, 2012

I MADE IT!!  (I win)

55 days; 505 miles (813 kilometers) ; 35,633 meters (116,906 feet) total ascent! YES!!!

It felt really good to soak my feet in the Mediterranean!  Even if it was raining!  I sat in the rain and texted and emailed from the beach!  (Funny how I was the only one out there!)

Now I have lots of emotions going on!  It really doesn’t seem real.  In some ways it seems just like yesterday that I started, and in other ways it seems like I have been walking forever.   Then this morning I reviewed all my photos — oh my gosh, I really did go all those places!  I HAVE BEEN walking forever!  🙂

So I did book a room for last night here in Banyuls sur Mer, and didn’t go down for breakfast till almost9 am!  I have re-organized my pack for “civilization travel” :-).   I actually put my shorts, shirt, and gaiters in the trash!  (I shredded 2 pairs of Dirty Girl Gaiters on this trip!) My pack does feel lighter!  

  So this morning I found a computer and have at least backed up my photos.  That’s a relief.  (Then I had to let the next person in line use it.)  So if I can get back on later, I’ll up load some photos along with sending put emails. 

(Here is the stuff I wrote a couple of days ago – just seems silly not to post it…)
Well I’ve walked out of Raspberry and Blueberry season right into Blackberry season!  Yum!!  Today I ate so many my fingers were stained black! 🙂
Like most trails the closer you get to the end, the longer it seems!  This morning,  I took a quick side trip to some castle ruins, and from the ruins I could see the sea!  Yes, that’s the Mediterranean!!  I had so many emotions come up!   First, I was excited to know I am that close. But then I realized that I am sad that it is almost over.  And a great feeling of accomplishment – but also just “no big deal”.  All that being said, I’ll just keep pressing on!  
I’m in a little town tonight (Le Pursus), because when I got here, I had walked 15 miles for the day.   My feet were “done”. Another 4 or 5 miles to the next refuge just wasn’t in the cards for me!!  So the hotel is a bit too expensive, but oh, well…..
Another thing that happened the last couple of days — is it has been opening weekend of “pig season”.  Saturday, there were guys in orange everywhere – a bit spooky with guns going off around me!  Sunday was more of the same!  So lots of hunters and lots of dogs out with them!  I’m glad I have my “orange ” fleece (not exactly bright orange, but maybe enough!).  I’ve got an orange shopping bag and next time I’m around hunters, I’ll tie it to the top of my pack!


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