Posted by: Talie Morrison | March 29, 2013

Where in the World is Talie? England this time!


My Boys! Dakota, Craig, Steve and Gates


Old Faithful going off in the snow


Old gravestones lined up in front of the stone walls


Crocus waiting to bloom!


Daffodils in the snow! Spring IS coming!


Doggie foot prints along with the birdie foot prints


A tiny snowman on the bridge (it’s only about 6 inches tall!)


Rowing teams out practicing – yes that’s snow on the riverbank!


English Ivy in the woods along the riverbank


Yikes – Glad I’m not driving a big truck on these narrow roads!


Durham Cathedral – I’m going to Easter Sunrise Service there (at 5:15 am!)

It’s been 5 months since I did a blog entry – I guess that means that I have been spending way too much time in one place!

To “catch you up on my life”:  I got home from the Pyrenees in early November;  then in December, I took a quick trip out to California to see Craig and Steve and their families.   Then in January, 9 of us crazy Crested Buttians drove up to Yellowstone National Park and spent a couple of days cross country skiing.   I know… we have plenty of skiing in Crested Butte – and why would a person drive for 2 days to go cross country skiing and drive 2 days back when they can cross country ski at home?   Different landscape?  Oh, well….  In February – I actually stayed in CB all month (what a concept!).   We never had “great snow” but with the technology of snowmaking and grooming the slopes were good all winter.  (My favorite part of winter now is walking up the mountain 3 mornings a week, and then skiing down before the lifts start running!  Crazy!)  However, now I am missing the last few weeks of the ski season because I am in England!  I guess that’s why I am doing this blog!

My friends, David, Beth and Siobhan Bell, emailed me almost a year ago and asked if I might come over to England and house/dog sit for the month of April.   Needless to say my answer was an enthusiastic “Yes”!   So I flew over the “pond” again on March 17th.   It gave me a couple of days to “get the lay of the land” and plug into the dogs’ schedules.   David, Beth and Siobhan then left on March 20th to go to New Zealand for a month (yes, I am happy to be here and a little bit jealous of their trip also!).

Some of my friends have been emailing and asking, “Exactly where in England are you?”  So yesterday, I pulled out my SPOT locator beacon and turned it on.   (I left it on for a couple of hours – very interesting.  There were 16 times it sent it’s location to the satellite – and each one is in a slightly different location!     Since the satellites and the earth are always moving, it looks like I was wandering around with the beacon.   Believe it or not, it never moved during that time.) Anyway – you can see where I am by going to the SPOT site that is called “Where is Talie”:

If you looked… you can see, I am Northeast England in the town of Durham.   Durham is a college town, but right now everyone is on break.   So even though I think it is pretty busy, I understand that when the students are back it will be really busy.   There are about 20,000 people who live here (it almost doubles when the students are here).   It is very British and I am loving it!   There is lots of history – there is even a Castle and a Cathedral which are right across the river from David and Beth’s house.   Everything is in walking distance so there is no need to drive  (yea) and most of the streets are cobblestone.  When I walk across the streets, I need to remember to look both directions – it’s always hard to remember which side of the street the car will be coming on!  But most of the town is a pedestrian zone, so there aren’t so many cars to worry about.  The train and bus stations are in walking distance so David and Beth don’t even have a car.

I have two very sweet male Labs to look after: Buddy and Hank.   I remember Buddy from Crested Butte when I dog sat for him there – Hank is only 8 months old – still a puppy – with lots of energy!  Great dogs, but they are quite a handful to take on walks together, so I am taking them on individual walks – which means I am basically getting 6 walks a day.   Good training for me!  There are lovely bike/walking paths along the river and there is an old cemetery across the road from us.   So there are plenty of places for doggies to play.   It is beautiful along the riverbanks which are all covered in (of course) English Ivy!  And sometimes I’ll see the rowing teams out practicing.   Yesterday morning, someone made a tiny snowman on the bridge!   Always something fun going on!

March is showing up as one of the coldest on record for the British Isles this year!   Do you think I brought the weather with me?   Luckily I have been able to borrow some warmer clothing from Beth!   We have had only 1 sunny day since I got here, so I am getting used to gray skies (after all Talie you are in England!).  Wait – “just in” – this afternoon was sunny!   That’s 2 sunny days!

So, the current plan is for me to be here till David, Beth and Siobhan get back from Kiwi Land on April 20th.  Then I will “wander” the British Isles till June 17th.   There are several of long distance walks and lots of shorter ones so I know I can keep busy out there with my backpack!   David, Beth and I are hoping to do the Hadrien’s Wall Walk in early May.

So that’s the current “Where in the world is Talie?” chapter…  Needless to say, lots more coming!



  1. Thanks for the great updates, Talie! I would love to visit Scotland some day. Kathy

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