Posted by: Talie Morrison | May 3, 2013

West Highland Way – Scotland

I love Scotland!   I have met so many really wonderful Scotish folks!   It’s beautiful, wild and wonderful!

Yesterday I finished backpacking the West Highland Way.   It starts just North of Glascow and finishes in the small town of Fort William – just beneath Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles (and, no, I did not climb it).   It took me 8 and a half days to complete it – 106 miles (but not much in the way of elevation gain – only 4500 meters!)  I was the “dumb American” who didn’t know that I could pay a company to carry my bags from place to place!   Oh, well – I guess it was good for me!   And, as always, by having all my gear with me it gave me some flexibility – especially the first night when I “wild camped” by a river, and then the 4th night when I stayed in a “bothy” – which is a very primitive mountain hut, but dry!   I had every kind of weather – periods of sunshine (never was able to wear shorts though), rain (relatively good amount of that), wind (lots of  that!), and frost (pretty chili one night!).    A couple of nights I stayed in campgrounds – there is two days of walking along Loch Lommond when you are not allowed to wild camp.  I had brought a pair of old hiking boots with me hoping that I could get two months of hiking out of them – well they are in the trash now – basically they disintegrated!



  1. Gee Talie, once again you’ve added something new to my life. I don’t know why, but before this I never thought of hiking in Scotland. Looks like a fun thing to do. Thank you!

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