Posted by: Talie Morrison | September 19, 2013

The Dolomites – Alta Via 2

Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote, to “Do one thing every day that scares you.”   Ok.     Well, I figure that I now have at least 5 years “in the bank”!

Alta Via Duo (that’s “2”) had enough to keep me wondering what would be “around the bend” “over the pass” and “along the side of the mountain”.  And to think I actually, consciously, put myself in that position!  If that wasn’t enough – when I wasn’t scared about the trails along the cliffs, then we were riding up in gondolas (while I sat and stared at the floor!)  But now that I have survived, safe and sound – it is a great feeling!

I left Crested Butte on August 14th to fly to Milan Italy.   I got over there a couple of days early and did some exploring of Lake Como and Lake Guarda.  Then  6 of us fearless Crested Butte Gray Hares (at 67 I was the youngest!) were ready to hike the Alta Via 2 in the Dolomites.  The Dolomites are a mountain range located in north-eastern Italy. It is a part of Southern Limestone Alps and extends from the River Adige in the west to the Piave Valley in the east.  It is a World Heritage Site (you can look up more at:

So, for a quick blow-by-blow account:  We “re-grouped” in Bolzano, Italy (most of us flew in to Milan).   We managed to arrange for memberships in the Club Alpine Italiano (which gave us discounts on all the CAI huts we stayed in).  We also toured the museum of  “Ötzi” – a Neolithic man whose life came to an abrupt end, and he has been preserved along with much of his clothing and possessions intact.

Then we took the train to Brixen  (Bressanoni) where we started the hike.   In this part of Italy, all the names and signs are in both German and Italian.  Of course the first thing we did was take the chair lift up to Plosse (hey, we are not “proud” just a little sensible!) Our first 4 days we hiked, climbed, scampered and made our way to:  Rifugio Genova,  Rifugio Puez, Rifugio Piscidu, and Magla Ciapela.    We took a day off in Magla Ciapela to let the storm clouds pass and hopefully get a little better weather.   While we were there we took the gondola up to the top of the Marmalada (which was also totally socked in!) I sat on the floor of the gondola staring at my boots (I’m such a weenie!).

The clouds didn’t pass as quickly as we would have liked,  and there wasn’t much sense in hiking the high trails when we couldn’t even see the view (plus added danger with the wet conditions).   So we took a bus around to Passeo Valles and spent a night there.   And, glory-be, the next day the skies cleared!

Our next 4 days of “hiking” took us to:   Rifugio Mulaz, Rifugio Rosetta, Rifugio Pradidali, and Rifugio Treviso.   Then we came down to Passo Cereda (in the rains again) and we took transport to Tonadico for a night in a hotel!   What a lovely little town tucked on the edge of beautiful mountains.   We spent a day doing laundry, restocking our snacks, walking in crocs instead of boots, and waiting for the rains to leave.

Under clear skies once again, we continued on to Rifugio Boz, Rifugio Dal Piaz, and the finish at Croc d’Aune.   Those last 3 days were pretty intense and we were tired but stoked for having completed the journey.

After a couple of days of traveling in Northern Italy and a day in Austria, I was back on a plane on September 10 to get back to Colorado.

Enjoy the photos!



  1. Whaa !! the pics are beautiful, and I can see why you were scared. What a girl and another one down. Dianne x

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