Posted by: Talie Morrison | November 30, 2013

Starting Another Adventure

Gates and Steve in their Karate outfits

Gates and Steve in their Karate outfits

Craig and Dakota - how did I get to be so short?

Craig and Dakota – how did I get to be so short?

Luke Morrison McKinlay

Luke Morrison McKinlay

The Red Ladies White Water Rafting Team

The Red Ladies White Water Rafting Team

My new home on wheels - Abe!

My new home on wheels – Abe!

I am "styling" now!

I am “styling” now!

My most recent Talie Adventure started on November 1st when I left Crested Butte.   I drove to Arizona and stayed in Becky and Terry Hamlin’s home (they were in Idaho, but they graciously allowed me to spend a couple of night in their house).   That Sunday, I went to visit Levi – a young man who has been in prison for over half his life.   I have been visiting Levi since 2000 – it is quite a mental “trip” to visit someone in prison!

From there I drove over to San Diego to visit with Steve, Chanda and Gates (McKenzie was away at college).   I had a lovely time with them (Gates and I are planning a trip to Germany next summer!) – and Steve and I went out for “sushi for lunch” a couple of times.   Yum!

I headed up see my nephew, Trey, compete in the “Tougher Mudder” adventure race which was just outside LA.   After an hour in line to get to the parking, and then another hour to try to get on the bus to get to the race – I decided it was so crowded that I wouldn’t be able to see Trey anyway – so I blew it off and headed on to Santa Barbara.

I had a lovely time in Santa Barbara with Craig, Deb, and Dakota.   Dakota’s band was down in LA doing some recording – so I am very excited for him!

With all the visits, the USA part of my travels was finished and I was on the Santa Barbara Airbus on my way to LAX and on to Sydney Australia.   Once again, I was on a Delta Buddy Pass (Thank you, Tom!) and hoping for 1st class.  That was not to be, but I was on the plane and that is the most important part!  Delta doesn’t fly to New Zealand (my ultimate destination, of course…), so I took the option to get to Sydney (and work my way across the Tasman).  But first … I have a nephew (Langdon’s son) who lives in Adelaide, Australia.   I had never met Luke, and I figured I was close enough to go visit and hang out with him and his mother, Maurie.   I had a wonderful time with the two of them and also checking out Adelaide and Glenelg (the beach town!)   The weather was perfect for the 5 days I was there.

Before I left Crested Butte, I met some of the local young ladies who are on the Red Lady White Water Rafting Team.   They are all local Colorado girls and they have won the USA championship.   And, listen to this: the International Championship was on the North Island of New Zealand the weekend of November 24th!   So that fit into my traveling times, and I flew from Adelaide to Auckland.   My Kiwi Friend, Dianne, met me in Auckland and we went down to watch some of the races.   We were really excited on Friday, when the Red Ladies got the bronze metal for the head to head races that day!    We missed the Sunday races because they were on a river that was difficult to view anything – so we went “bush” instead and walked into Jon’s Bivy in the Kaimanawas.

So I am getting closer to putting my pack on and heading to the hills down here…..   A quick flight from Auckland to Christchurch – and now I am staying with more of my Kiwi Friends, Myles and Margaret.   They have been outstanding in helping me set up Abe (my “new” 1993 Toyota Van).   Myles built me a perfect platform for the bed along with cubby holes and a cooking platform.   Margaret sewed window coverings and curtains and took me around town shopping for a mattress and other bits and pieces.  So I think Abe and I are all set – and Monday we will “hit the road” and I’ll be out in the bush soon!   So … more to follow …





  1. Hi Talie .If you remember the crayfish on the Kaikoura coast with Owen & Kay well we are now in Aus. full time. I got excited when I read about you coming here, so sorry we will miss you again. I know you will enjoy your time in NZ, it’s lovely keeping track of you with your blog. Have Fun & Keep Safe. Kay

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