Posted by: Talie Morrison | April 9, 2015

A lovely last month in Kiwi Land

My last month in New Zealand was pretty mellow.   I did a couple of short “tramps” (that’s Kiwi for “backpacking trips”).   My friend, Muppet (who I met in Antarctica) and I had wanted to hike through the Silver Peaks outside of Dunedin.   So we finally found 4 days when he was off work when we could get out.   It was just a 2 night trip but in some beautiful bush.   Unfortunately we had a day of rain in between our 2 nights out – and that made us miss a lot of the beautiful views (aha – a reason to go back and do it again!  🙂

I had another little trip into a hut at Lake Chalice in the Richmond Range.   But the rest of the time I enjoyed “car touring” and visiting with friends – along with some beautiful “day hikes”.    It was a relaxing and fun way to end this Kiwi adventure.

And now I am planning my next adventure … I am on a plane tomorrow night (just 3 days after leaving New Zealand) going to Nepal, then India, then back to Nepal.   It will be a different sort of adventure – and I am totally looking forward to seeing those big mountains in that part of the world!   (I’m not taking my computer – so the next blog might have to wait till I get home in June!).






  1. As always wonderful times with Talie, your adventures are inspiring.

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