Posted by: Talie Morrison | October 4, 2016

Crested Butte Summer 2016

This will be another “Photo Blog”, but I just wanted to share some of the beautiful photos from another Crested Butte Summer.


I started the summer with my 70th birthday (and my best present of all was to have Craig and Steve come to CB to celebrate!) Since then, I have had back to back housesitting almost all summer here in Crested Butte – so it trimmed my wings a little bit, but I had tons of “doggie walks”!   I did get in two short backpacks:   One to climb Whetsone on June 22 (one of my favorite mountains @ 12,516’ elevation), and another into the Raggeds Wilderness behind the Ruby Range – just to “hang out” (in my hammock of course!)   I also went out to California for 2 weeks the end of August and early September to attend the Black Belt Ceremony for Steve in San Diego, and Teddy and Djamila’s Wedding in Santa Barbara.


Now the leaves are almost all on the ground after a short but spectacular fall color display.   It’s a gray windy day and just feels like winter is on the way!   Must be close to time for me to head west and south!   I’ll leave CB before the end of October and I fly to NZ on November 29th.


Along with the beautiful photos of Crested Butte summer, I want to let you know that the BOOK (Still Going Strong) is very close to being published! I have been working with Create Space and we are in the final proofs. I have condensed it into stories of my adventures from the last decade (my 60’s – from 2006 to 2016).   So look for another email coming out in the next week or so announcing it!   I am super excited!


Enjoy the photos!




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