Posted by: Talie Morrison | June 9, 2017

Femur Fun

Hi everyone —  I am just trying to get this info out to everyone as easily as possible.   I have posted a photo album on Facebook also – but here are the photos on my blog.   It has been a LONG couple of weeks – a bit painful, stressful, etc.    But I really am on the road to recovery!    Steve has been here from the beginning –  a real lifesaver – so great to have an advocate and someone who can listen (and remember) what doctors and nurses say.

We have decided that the best decision is for me to go to San Diego (they have all the resources there!) and recover.    So the plan is that we leave tomorrow morning at 8 am (the rehab hospital has been blown away by how much I have accomplished in 3 days!).    We will drive back to San Diego – taking 2 days with lots of breaks, so he can be back at work on Sunday morning.   Needless to say the bone will probably take 6 weeks to heal, and then we will do some sort of local radiation.   Still don’t know where the cells originated, because I got a completely clear CAT scan!  So there are some questions yet to be answered, and some decisions yet to be made down the road, but that just the way life works, eh?

I know you are all concerned, and I welcome your love, prayers, positive comments, etc.   But please try to keep the questions to a minimum.   I just can’t answer the same questions 300 times even if they are the same question!

Wish me luck, and know that all will be well and I’m on the road to recovery and throwing my pack on again soon!



PS – I got a SPECTACULAR helicopter transport from Gunnison Hospital to Denver on Sunday May 28th – right over Taylor Reservoir, the Collegiate Range,  Leadville, and coming into Denver over the Flatirons!   I may have been in pain but I sure enjoyed the view!



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