Posted by: Talie Morrison | August 4, 2017

Medical Update from San Diego

So Steve and I arrived “home” on June 10th (hard to believe that is almost 2 months ago!).   The drive out here was easy (for me at least).   I stayed awake through the beautiful parts of I70 – coming through the mountains and Glenwood Canyon.   I just love driving in Colorado!   Since I was on pain pills, I was relatively comfortable – and Steve has an awesome car (even has “air con” – I know, GrayJay is probably one of the last without it!)   Anyway, we stopped in West Glenwood – it took me a bit longer to get in and out of the restrooms, and the bottom of my bad leg got drug through lots of icky stuff.   But then back in the car, I dozed off and the next thing I knew we were pulling into Green River for gas!   Sweet!   We kept driving till we got to St. George and checked into a motel.   Poor Steve had to share a king size bed with me (who couldn’t roll over so I had to sleep on my back and probably snored like a champion!).

Early the next morning, we headed out after a stop at the local Starbucks for coffee and egg muffins.   And any of you who have done the drive down I15, know that right out of St. George, you go through a little corner of Arizona known as the Virgin River Gorge.   It is another one of my favorite spots!   And this time I could look around all I wanted since I wasn’t driving!   Beautiful.   Then I was back to la-la land, and when I woke up, Steve said we were 1 hour from home!   Yahoo!   So it was a smooth and easy trip for me.

Since being here in SD, I have gotten a new “primary care” doctor, an orthopedic/oncology doctor, an oncology doctor, a radiation doctor, and (by personal choice) a chiropractor who is into more holistic medicine.   So you can imagine – lots of doctor appointments, lots of xrays, lots of blood draws, lots of scans, etc.

I have also been having a “home health” physical therapist come and work with me twice a week, but that ends tomorrow.   At this point I have worked my left knee up to about a 75% bend, but that is as far as it will go.   So I have lots of work ahead of me.

I have also started radiation therapy – 5 days a week for 7 weeks.   We are trying to kill any cancer cells that escaped when my femur split – Dr. Kelly scraped as much out as she could.    I have  rented a little car, and since it is my left leg that is injured, I can still drive an automatic.   But I am still using a walker – I am only allowed to put 50% of my weight on the left leg.   Sometimes that’s hard to figure out.

Here are pictures of my latest xrays.   The orthopedic doc says they look good.   But you might notice on the first X-ray, that the bottom screw is pretty long and how much it comes out on the far side – that is already and will probably continue to bother me.   But for sure there isn’t anything we can do about it while I am in radiation, and I will hopefully  wait till next spring if at all possible.  (I’m not ready for another 2 months of no weight bearing!)

If you look at that last screw, you can see why it might be bothering me!

The bend in my knee looks better than I think i really is!

You can see the bone that is growing in and healing

So my plans are to finish radiation on September 11, have follow up appointments till mid October, and then head to New Zealand.   Luckily BlueJay is automatic!   It’s a little early in their spring for me to show up, but I can explore north of Auckland where it is warmer than the South Island.  I have hardly spent any time North of Auckland.

So send me wonderful, happy, healing vibrations as I continue on my journey….


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