Posted by: Talie Morrison | October 7, 2017

Countdown to New Zealand

Well it has been an “interesting” summer to say the least…. Not exactly what I had planned, but then you know what I say: “The best way to make God laugh is to tell Her that you have “plans”!” So, hiking and backpacking turned into surgeries and radiation – but all that is in the past now – and I am heading onward!   I leave on Wednesday (October 11) to New Zealand.   I am going about 6 weeks earlier than my usual schedule, but what a great place to “rehab” and get my body back in “shape” (I guess at age 71 “shape” is a relative term! 🙂 .

I finished radiation on September 11th – and then dealt with the burn, rash, and peeling for another couple of weeks.   But today, I had my last doctor’s appointment (for a while I hope!), and my x-rays look good!   All my docs are pretty amazed at how quickly I have been able to be walking again and my recovery time – but I guess that is one of the benefits of being healthy to start with.

  • So some of my “marker days” this summer were:
  • May 27 – Broken Femur
  • May 28 – Helicopter to Denver
  • June 9 – Drive to San Diego with Steve
  • July 5 – I was able to roll over in bed for the first time!
  • July 20 – I was given permission to put 25% of my weight on my left leg
  • September 1  – I threw away my crutches
  • September 11 – Finished Radiation
  • September 12 & 13 – Got an “all clear” from my various Doctors
  • And now:
  • October 11 – On my way to New Zealand – Yahoo!

My leg still needs a lot of physical therapy – I have a bit more than a 90-degree bend in the knee – but it has a long way to go still. There is a lot of scar tissue still to break up in the thigh – and I am dealing with some screws that are in the soft tissue of my knee (that will probably have to wait till April to be dealt with). It feels great going “up-hill” but “down-hill” is another matter!   New Zealand has so many beautiful trails and beaches that it will be a perfect place to rehab!

On the other “front” of this issue – I am doing everything I can to prevent any cancer cells that are still hanging out in my body from taking hold.   I am working with a holistic chiropractor here in San Diego with those issues.   I am doing what is called: Intermittent Fasting – which means that I fast for 16 hours per day, and then have an 8 hour period when I can eat. In my simplified explanation: The theory is that the fasting creates an environment in my body in which the cancer cells don’t have the ability to multiply. Along with the fasting, I am drinking lots of veggie juices, eating lots of salads (no, I am not going vegetarian yet…), no sugars and breads, and taking a “ton” of supplements.   So it is the “game” we play with our health, and trying to know what is right for ourselves – and at this point in my “game”, the stakes are really high!

In the meantime, I continue to have a positive attitude – because I really think that the connection between my thoughts and my body is a big factor in my health also.   So, as always: Stay tuned …

So I haven’t taken a lot of pics while I have been here in San Diego, but here are a couple showing what a beautiful place I have been able to be in to “recoop”!

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